The Hexi Bat Buster

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

As I was decorating for Thanksgiving this year, I needed a little something for my round table.  It sits sort of in the foyer area of our home, so I love having a candle burning as our guest walk into our home.  I didn’t have any linens that were appropriate for this size table so I hurried and whipped up this cutie.


It is a revised version of the The Bat Buster Quilt.
Which you can get for free by going here!

The best part about this cute little table hexi is that you can make it as big or as little as you like.  And you are busting thru that stash of fabric and batting quick as a whistle.

Here it is before i adorned my table.  I love the colors and the shape. Perfect for Fall and Thanksgiving. thumb_IMG_4843_1024

And here is my table adorned with a garland and my hexigon shaped lantern.


And because we are SO SO SO grateful for our StashLadies Friends, Family and Supporters: This also is a free downloadable pattern for you!  Just click here, (register if you need to) and it is yours.Thank you! We are so Thankful for your support!!

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