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Recently a text message chain between the StashLadies has prompted me to think about my Project Organizing and how much I really love the system that I have going on.

I have a “temporary” studio set up in my unfinished basement.  I have wonderful morning light, two awesome 8 foot florescent lights that my honey hung for me, AND my AWESOME Stella Lamps, that work perfectly in the low light hours.  Our plan is to eventually finish our basement and like the planner that he is, Hubs decided to make my studio “expandable” to see how much space I really need.  I have several shelves and utilize bins for easy mobility and re-arranging.

The text started as a question from Quilted Harmonies:
How do you keep your on-going projects organized?”

I use white dish pan basins from the dollar store.
This is what it looks like all stacked into the basin. I can move it around,
pile stuff on it and have it available when I am ready to work on it.


Here is what I have in this project basin today.
~Prairie Points ready to go, stored in an old stamp container that snaps shut.  Playing 52 pick up isn’t really fun with triangles! This keeps them tamed! 😉
~My Lace Trim
~My Binding all ready to go
~A baggie of the selvedges.
~All the left over fabric. In case I need it prior to finishing the project.
~My pieced backing is ready for a sandwhich
~The Empty $1 Basin

And in all fairness, the above project is very OCD organized. I am at the tail end of my project and took a minute to clean up my studio the other day.

This dishpan is more what my on going projects look like:


I do try to keep like items grouped but sometimes at the end of the day or if I need to quickly clean it up, it just gets “swiped” into the basin and piled up.  This project isn’t nearly as complete, so I don’t have any binding, trim or backing ready. It is just the block material I have going on in here.

As OCD as I am, my natural tendency is to be a pile-er. So, I work with that weakness and pile into baskets, basins, & bins.

How do you organize your ongoing projects?


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