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September Calendar Makeover – 3 ways


When I look at the original calendar I get a bit nostalgic.  Years ago school never started until after Labor Day so the original September calendar of school houses was a very visual reminder of new beginnings, new teachers, new friends, sometimes new schools, and most important, new clothes.  Stashpoppa remembers his new school clothes consisting of one new pair of jeans, a pair of shoes, and one new shirt.  Pretty sure that mindset would have caused my teen-agers to consider a “sit-in” or two protesting the minimalist approach to school shopping.  Anyone up for turning back to minimalism?


It really is hard to improve on classic! When I made this calendar eons ago I swore I would never make schoolhouses again because of the work in cutting out the shapes (I made 3 calendars so 126 shapes total).  But thanks to an accuquilt die it took all of 5 minutes to cut.  In fact it took me longer to find the fabric I wanted to use than to do the actual cutting.  Plaid and stripes work perfectly with the school houses to create a simple yet more primitive look and in my nostalgia, going back to school equates with the fall harvesting of apples.  I guess I was indoctrinated with the idea that apples are for school teachers 🙂 So bring on the embroidery, applique, and quilting.  All done on the machine!!  Love the look!!


Quilted Harmonies

My Schoolhouse quilt this month was inspired by one of my favorite children’s illustrators, Richard Scarry.  I loved how he could make an entire modern town made up of animals wearing pants seem completely normal.

There are very many animals that I could have chosen, but I always loved Lowly Worm the best, with his professional looking shirt, collar, tie, the shoe on the end of his tail, and his cute little hat. Somehow, even though he still went to school with Huckle Cat, he was old enough to drive his car around BusyTown, which was shaped like an apple on wheels.

In an homage to Lowly Worm, and by extension, Richard Scarry, I designed the kind of school any self-respecting worm would want to attend- an apple pull toy!


I went back and forth on the fabrics I wanted, and decided, “Hey!  Why not do both color ways!  It’s not like I have a family or a job to attend to!” *snort*

This bright, child friendly block just may be the first design for a new alphabet quilt!  Couldn’t you just see this block on a cute denim backpack, though?

I sewed the more muted colors together into four squares with sashing.  When I finish the appliqué, I will definitely choose a green that will bring my worms into more focus.  I love how my little apple school turned out!


Lovingly Lexi
Even though school in these parts starts well before Labor Day, it isn’t until after Labor day that the official school photos get delivered.
(Does anyone else tell their kids to smile like they mean it & not to smile like they are pooping?
or is it just me???)

This month I wanted to show case those awesome school photo in my calendar layout.

I used my Silhouette Cameo to create a School House going back to my geometry days.(Here is a screen shot of my Silhouette Designer Screen)


 Triangles, Parallelograms, squares and rectangles make the most adorable old school house look.  I purposely spaced them apart to re-create the school house block look.  I think it made the school house more charming looking.


I popped the bell with a pop dot to give it the movement it needs.
I also used a fun I <3 School paper instead of the word School above the door to make it more modern.


I also popped the banners off the page not only to give them movement but also to allow me to add pictures, once those darn things are delivered.  😉


The glitter title 10-4 good buddy is something that we regularly text our children as they update us on their days.  So it is very applicable to our back to school experience.  I added the glitter chair and also glittered the green September words to make the title pop.  I LOVE to do things in sets of 3. You know, 3 kids, 3 green glitter things.  It works for me!!

What is your favorite (or least favorite) memory of your back to school experience?

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