Calendar Makeover 3 Ways – OCTOBER

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Calendar Makeover 3 Ways – OCTOBER

In the original wall hanging, it was full of plaids and symmetry.  While we adore plaids and symmetry as much as the next girl, it is time to flip this pattern and give it some good mix ups!!



Where has the year gone?  Is it really October already?  I guess the older I get the faster time goes, either that or I really am getting slower and not able to get as much done in a day 😉  (Not a pretty day when that realization hits!!)
Knowing that my travel schedule these past few weeks was going to be pretty hectic,  I spent some time a couple of weeks ago planning and organizing this project.  I started the day with good intentions but I got so excited with the scraps from a Halloween quilt that I derailed and made a table mat before the calendar makeover:) That was fun!!  But that aside and using the same Halloween scraps, I decided to enlarge the Churn-dash block, put it on point and add filler fabric to complete the wall
hanging.  I love the diagonal of the block and the cute little squares created by the quilting.  I contemplated hand quilting this one, but that thought lasted about a minute.  Why do something by hand when I have a sewing machine that will do the work for me!!

Quilted Harmonies

In the quilt that StashMomma gave us year’s ago, she had used purple, black, and orange fabrics, so I naturally thought that she had made us pumpkins.  It wasn’t until after I had planned for this one that I looked at the Original Calendar, and realized that it was not, in fact, pumpkins, but a Churn Dash block.  

I considered going back to the drawing board.  But this challenge, is, after all, to makeover the original pattern.  I recently bought a new pattern book by the Buggy Barn, and love their concept of cutting and piecing patterns.  I searched for a pumpkin pattern I could buy, but alas, I couldn’t find one.  So, it was up to me to figure it out.

Suffice it to say, creating this pattern wasn’t a walk in the park.  In fact, you’ll be able to tell by the final results that only ONE pumpkin looks like it made it through Halloween without being smashed on the street.

File Oct 05, 8 33 45 PM

While I love the funky, angle-y look to my little guys, my favorite part is, once again, the Fabric.  (Fabric that you absolutely love and adore should always and forever be capitalized when raving about it!)  I saw these prints at a craft fair in July, and instantly knew they were from Art Gallery Fabrics.   LovinglyLexi and I drooled all over them, but ultimately walked away from getting them.  I found them, however, at my newest favorite website, Hawthorne Threads.  And proceeded to buy a yard of each, not even knowing what to do with them- until I began designing this month’s makeover, and needing 3 different fat quarters, I realized two things:

1.  I had these three pieces that coordinated perfectly, and
2.  How AWESOME would it be to have plum, white, and grey pumpkins?

I Know, Right??

Lovingly Lexi
My calendar makeover this month just sort of happened.  One evening I was “bored” (which doesn’t happen much around my house with 3 teenagers!) and popped up the picture of the original so I could get my creative juices flowing.  As I was looking at it thinking about how to incorporate a fall theme, the churndash pumpkin popped right out at me!
AND into my scrap pile I went!

October3I was so excited about the idea that I just started creating it and even snap-chatted it!  😉

I stuck to the plaids and but added in the solid orange to give the pumpkin some weight! As I dug into my scraps I found this cool frame that was clearly a cast off from another project, and it worked magically here.  This is very much an old meets new type of project.  See the orange plaid along the sides and the in the middle of the pumpkin?  That sheet of paper is “vintage” 1998 scrapbook paper.  The other plaid and the cool pattern paper are from We R Memory Keepers “Happy Campers” collection.


Isn’t that exciting that you can mix and match old and new scrapbook paper as well as you can fabric!!

My title was cut with my Silhouette and a Miss Kate Cuttable Title and fall swirl.  I opted to do the swirl in turquoise just because and stuck to orange for October!  And true to my style, I blinged it up with stickles.


I popped up the bottom pumpkin to give it a bit more definition and make the swirl really looks like it is moving.

So, ladies and gents!  How would you remake the classing Churn-dash block?  Would you keep it classic or add a modern twist?!!

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