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Trip Around the World


Such a classic pattern and so easy to sew with just squares and strips, even a beginner can do it with great success! It will be fun to see what we recreate this month!

I won’t lie, this pattern has been the toughest one yet to “modernize” because it is such a classic and simple design.  I have made more than one “trip around the world” quilts through the years and have always been so thrilled with the results.  I also have been lucky enough in my married life to travel with “StashPoppa” to many, many places around the world so if I ever get around to making a quilt of my life perhaps this is the design I would use (actually not a bad idea)!

But as I pondered what to create I tried to think beyond the box and settled on not a “trip around the world” but a “walk through the seasons.”  Experience has taught me that seasons of life come around almost as frequently as the seasons in life.  And that each season comes with its own set of joys and sorrows!  Yet there is always the wonder and newness of each season that begets a hope of better things to come and more of life to experience.

  Spring means the renewal of life as flowers and plants brave the waning winter weather and poke through the soil to share the beauty of their colors and so as the center focal I chose fabric with my favorite flower, red tulips!  Summer is represented by the dark greens and browns of late summer beauty.  The brillance and mixture of colors displayed during  Autumn is stunning.   And in my part of the world, Winter usually means snow.  I love the feeling of serenity that comes when the ground is covered with a dusting of snow.


As you take your own “trip through the seasons” I hope you can find peace, tranquility and thankfulness for each season you have experienced Thanks for stopping by!!!

Quilted Harmonies

I pondered and thought and then pondered some more about what I would do for this month’s Makeover.
  Trip Around the World is one of my favorite traditional patterns.  I must have thought of a million and one ideas to change it up, and then discarded a million and two.  (The others said I was overthinking it… ???? Probably.  Only a teensy bit, though!)

How to modernize a pattern that has already been modernized by so many talented quilters in so many amazing and beautiful ways?  (If you don’t believe me, just google it!  It’s incredible the number of hits that came up!)

My focus finally came to rest on the title itself:  Trip Around the World.  I liked the idea of playing with the word “around.”  Circles and spheres are “around.”  So is the world itself.  Why not have fun with that?

I pulled a set of Story Strips I had gotten from Anthology Fabrics a few years ago, stripped them together, and then, using the miracle of modern technology, cut them into circles using my Go! Baby from Accuquilt.  (Sewing and pressing the batik strips took WAY more time than actually cutting the circles out.  Yay me!  That meant I had some extra time to watch my current Netflix binge- Bones!  ????)

I love how colorful and beautiful my little “worlds” turned out!


Lovingly Lexi
I love Fall!  Have I said it before? Because let me say it again. I love Fall!  After residing in Arizona for 7 years, I am so happy to live in a state with the most beautiful 4 seasons.  I can see the snow capped mountains but still enjoy jacket weather.  The days are beautiful and sunny and the evenings have the crisp cool air that means snow is right around the corner.


As I contemplated my modern scrapbook makeover with the Trip around the World block, I was drawn to the squares.  My design evolved from there because I wanted to 
incorporate a tree.  Adding a tree to my November theme symbolizes several things to me.  My family, First and most importantly.  And also the change of seasons and the “fresh start” that nature graces us with!


You can see that my Calendar page looks nothing like the original design.  I am totally in love with the way that my leaves are highlighted within each “block”.  I purposely matted each block with a splash of orange red color to make them pop.  I also used pop dots on 4 of the 5 leaves so they would really stand out.


And don’t worry, I didn’t forget to add a little glimmer to my leaves.


I hope you have much to be Thankful about this November!!  Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at StashLadies!

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