Calendar Makeover 3 Ways- JANUARY

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Calendar Makeover 3 Ways -JANUARY

Jan-Ohio Star

January is always a great time for fresh starts & new beginnings!
(Although I am not opposed to needing a fresh start in February or March as well! ūüėČ
It has been a great year of revisioning and modernizing traditional patterns.¬† And it has been so inspirational to see the creativity blossom as we have put our own style on each of the patterns.¬† We also have realized more than ever that fashions and fads cycle through about every 30 years so it is really true that ‚Äúold becomes new again.‚ÄĚ

And as we complete our Calendar makeover this month, we invite you to take inspiration from us and take this year and work thru this project, in which ever form you choose.  There is no time like the present!  Without further adieu we present our final makeover:

I love snowmen!!¬† One of my favorite winter songs has always been ‚ÄúFrosty the Snowman‚ÄĚ and a few years ago decided that since January has always been such a ‚Äúblah‚ÄĚ month for me that I would use snowmen as my decorating theme.¬† It has been so fun to shop for the perfect snowman to add to my collection.SnowmenA few years back, one of the quilting magazines had a snowman quilt made from flannel that I fell in love with so I purchased the kit.¬† I made the quilt for a daughter-in-law but the fun thing is that I had enough leftover fabric to make a second quilt for me plus this cute wall-hanging.
From the original wall-hanging I took the design elements of two columns, the block pattern for three of the blocks and the remaining 3 blocks I used the fabric squares of snowmen.  I machine quilted in the ditch around each square and then did a criss-cross for the triangles.  Super simple yet effective!
I love how it turned out and with it hanging on my wall, I smile each time I see it.
And maybe that is because the snowmen evoke a feeling of warmth and happiness despite the snow falling around them and that reminds me that I need to smile regardless of what is going on around me!!

Happy New Year!!



Quilted Harmonies


My Makeover this month stems from my Thanksgiving visit to StashMomma’s house… she is the Queen of having anything and everything you ever thought you needed, or even Everything You Never Knew You Needed!

Speaking of “Old becoming New Again,” as we were playing in her stash (and by “playing,” I mean I was pawing through it and drooling over it all), I found a cute collection from Riley Blake I fell in love with that just screamed “make snowflakes out of me!”

Now, in the interest of Full Disclosure, you should all know that I have heaped much abuse upon my mother over these many years over her choice of wedding colors. ¬†Yes, you heard me. ¬†Wedding colors. ¬†Even as a child, I thought they were the ugliest choice known to man. ¬†I mean, in my six year old mind, whoever heard of spring green and turquoise making a good color match? ¬†(And this is coming from a girl who got angry because that same mother wouldn’t let her wear her knee high pink cable knit socks with her awesome red corduroy pants. ¬†At the same time. ¬†On the same day. Humpfh.) ¬†
Well. ¬†In front of you all and the Universe, I would like to apologize to StashMomma for completely¬†undervaluing her awesome sense of fashion and style. ¬†She was obviously on the forefront of fashion in 1973, and remains so today. (In that same vein, maybe I should apologize to StashPoppa for hating his much beloved 1973 Pontiac LeMans-orange with a cream roof… ¬†hmmm….nope. nah. ¬†Sorry, PopPop! ¬†Not happening!)


But I digress… ¬†Now that I am a much older and¬†*cough, cough*¬†wiser woman, I can admit that I was wrong as a child, and see the beauty in this colorway. ¬†So, I borrowed StashMomma’s Accuquilt, and cut ALL of the shapes I needed for this quilt- the squares, the half-triangles, and the snowflakes. ¬†I twisted the small quarter-triangle square blocks on their heads to give the overall impression of a crystalline shape. ¬†In the negative spaces, I planned to appliqu√© blue snowflakes in the middles. ¬†However, while auditioning the snowflakes, I was a little disappointed that the blue didn’t pop more off of the green background. ¬†I left this lying on my family room floor for several days as I considered how to make it better.
My problem was solved when I remembered some chunky TulaPink Renaissance Ribbon I still had that matched the blues and greens. ¬†It has a bit of pink running through it as an accent color, and that’s when I hit on it: ¬†Use the ribbon as the border, and bring the pink into the quilt by appliqu√©ing the edges of the snowflakes with shiny pink embroidery thread. ¬†(luckily, I collect just as much thread as I do fabric, so I was covered in that area!)


Check back for an update when I get the snowflakes all “pink-i-fied!” And follow my progress on Instagram! @quiltedharmonies or @stashladies
I have thoroughly enjoyed “expanding” my creative juices with this calendar makeover project. ¬†To look at a quilt piece that is largely very traditional and spin it into a new and modern direction with paper was such a fun experience.

One of my favorite things about January is the fresh clean slate that it brings.  My house looks a little bare after I take down all of the Christmas decorations. But in that bareness I can see where the dusting and vacuuming may have been neglected during the festive month.  So even though it is cold and icy outside, my house is fresh and clean.

I used this approach to my January makeover. ¬†Using this beautiful “icy blue” paper with a little bit of glimmer and shimmer, I tried to emulate the feelings of a fresh cold January. ¬†Mimicking the¬†original¬†pattern, I switched¬†out the 6 blocks with 6 snowflakes.

I added a dark frame around both the focal point photo block and underneath the snowflakes to really make them pop.  Then I added strips of foil paper to really accent the middle of the page.

Using one of my staples, Thickers, to make the title really gives it an elegant pop.  The letters are soft yet big enough to stand out and be noticed.    

One to the tricks I used to make my snowflakes stand out was to only glue down the very center of the flake.  This give the arms movement and it really gives the look of 3 dimension without adding a ton of bulk to the page.  


We hope that you have enjoyed our year long Calendar makeover and it has inspired you to pick up a small year long project this year!

Stay tuned for our Next “3 Ways” StashLadies project!


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