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August- Calendar Makeover 3 Ways


The original August quilt was called “Amish.”  It utilized clean lines, a bright colorful palette, and repeating design elements:  a square set on points within a square within a square.



When StashMomma made the original round of August quilts, she chose a more muted and pastel palette.  I have always liked Mom’s color choices, but for a few years they seemed a little, well, dated.  However, old is new again, and corals and sea blues are back in fashion!

We always laugh at how, even coming from the same home, all three of us have such completely different takes on how to “spruce” something up.  So, here we are again with this months Calendar Makeover 3 Ways



Amish quilts are known for the simple plain color combinations and exquisite quilting that brings out the beauty of the overall design.  Not much can be done to improve on that!  So the challenge for me this month was to think outside of the box yet still incorporate the basics of the wall hanging.  Rather than simply redo the design in different colors, I decided to divide the design into 3 elements. In addition to my red, white, and blue color combinations for the summer months, I used three shapes: a square, a triangle, and a rectangle.


In machine quilting the wall hanging, I used three different patterns:
a 5-pointed star


a corner pattern that creates a square around the star(seen from the back)
2015-08-05 14.56.44

and borders quilted with cross hatching sized to fit the rectangles

2015-08-05 14.57.07

Turned out quite charming! I think this is my favorite one yet!!
What have you done lately by thinking outside the box?



I don’t know about you, but this summer has truly flown by.  My little family has had something major to prepare for every two weeks or so all season,  (And that, I think goes for each one of the StashLadies this summer!)  so when I finally had a moment to stop and catch my breath,  BOOM!  It hit me: Summer is over, and my baby’s starting her Junior year in High School!

Out here on the Left Coast, school has moved from the traditional September start to a mid-August start.  (And that seems to be creeping closer and closer to July each year, too!)  It seemed only fitting, then, that this month’s Quilted Harmonies makeover reflected a “Going Back to School” sort of theme.  Being a StashLady as well, I had a small *ahem* stack of old jeans in my studio just waiting to be whacked into bits.  The original quilt is quite simple (and probably would fit right in at QuiltCon with all of the ultra-modern quilts out there right now!)  Blue Jean quilts are also typically very simple- usually monochromatic in value, and often sewn simply with a ragged edge.  A denim wall hanging seemed to be the perfect fit for my August makeover.


File Aug 06, 5 57 12 PM

Originally, I meant to leave it with no edging.  But, as I finished clipping the edges, my eyes fell on some yummy Renaissance Ribbon I had been saving for a rainy day.  I played around with it a little to figure out how to best represent my August makeover, and decided that a simple border in two places really brought my wall hanging to life.

File Aug 01, 1 33 59 PM

Isn’t this the prettiest ribbon you’ve ever seen?



I happen to really love August.  My kids are going back to school, so that means that we get to get back into a routine.  (I LOVE my routines!!) The evenings start to cool and sleeping with the window open makes me happy!  When I think of August I think of clean lines and a fresh start.  When I saw this month’s calendar makeover I couldn’t help but notice the clean lines of the Amish style hanging.  I also love the tilt of the main block in the middle.  Playing off the straight lines and the angle, I came up with my Scrapbook Version of the Calendar makeover.


I highlighted the angles with navy blue strips of paper.  The Center cream block is a place holder for my picture of the month.  And recently I have been reminded of how important it is to write our story.  I added a title strip and a journaling block.

I love the enamel dots (I wish I remember who manufactured them) that add a touch of gloss and charm.  And notice my homage to back-to-school with the cute little alphabet strip.  Is your August full of clean lines and structure or is it more of a creative free for all?!! 🙂

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